Recent Reads

I read a piece or two most mornings. I skim twitter for something interesting. Failing that, I search #snowden to get caught up on that saga.


As We May Understand what we open.

The 36 People Who Run Wikipedia and why we like them.

Interstellar Workshop imagines space in our future.

Can't Buy Furnitures explains the plural of wiki.

Brian Cox on Leadership explaining things clearly.

Steal the Package that you’ve agreed to transport?

Uber's Abuses in the name of competition.

Consumer Citizens less motivated to care about society.

You and Camera Move to give up static control.

Programming NES with Lisp siren call of 6502 assembly.

Jasper Computes on the internet.

Commissioning Story where unexpected happened.

Noble Pursuit Syndrome of good intentions.

3d City port of Micropolis to JS/HTML5.

Peer Review Scam while editors try to plug the holes.


Bogus Journals a cottage industry for publications.

War Machines research by us army.

Hackers' Conference turns 30 with some reminiscing.

Lateral Join for exploratory data science.

Artificial Enzymes where reddit breaks the news.

Make It Digital reinventing the bbc micro.

Care of Strings the #1 datatype in the browser.

Wikidata for Research linked open data hub.

Quirky Business in a peer driven marketplace.

Stack Overflowed where in-group expels a braggart.

Deploying a Wiki on digital ocean.

Twitter Happening handy queries.

Fast Diffs of Wikitext when mining wikipedia.

Free Research Subscriptions for select wikipedians.


WiFi Aware for discovery of services.

Anomaly Detection software in R by Twitter.

WikiProject X encouraging people doing x

Trust in the Semantic Web about Wikipedia?

Wikidata as told by Denny & Markus in ACM.

One Small Step for Man is not normal conversation.

Kieran Egan mentioned by Brett Victor

Got "Link Rot"? yes, but I have a solution.

Cunningham's Law isn't true and I didn't say it.

Demystifying SEO as if it is productivity.

Upgrading MediaWiki as an open-source product.


DolphinScript on wiki

Meta Keys Harmful because they are out of control

Security Cheat-Sheets from the OWASP Foundation.

You Can't Say That from BBC Analysis.

Gregory Mankiw on Royalties from his textbooks.

Gender Gap at Wikipedia.

Calm Technology within machines.

Open Science Publishing series of posts, 2014.

Beware the Machines from BBC Analysis.

InterPlanetary File System as it relates to wiki.


Wikipedia v. NSA with ACLU re backbone surveillance.

Good Type and how we respond to it.

Submedia News studied for con/divergence.


Conversation Factors that evoke replies.

Coevolution of Intelligence says Pinker on metaphor.

Hate the Process when J.Z. diagnoses the web.

Reliable Software by following 10 simplifying rules.

That Word, Innovation do you know what it means?

Moderately Effective students rating teachers.


Wikimedia Analytics counting things since 2003.

Government Jobs Suck so many ways.

How Networks Learn in connectivist theory.

Splitting the Photon into tiny pieces.

Contagion Interrupted in educational network models.

Baltimore’s Anguish as told in The Wire.

Hyperlapse first-person video smoothing.

Crown Hall College of Architecture, IIT, Chicago.

When Replicators Unite new individuals emerge.

Timelapse Mining from internet photos.

Future of Nature and other scientific publications.


Journalist's Hypocrisy is knowable if unavoidable.

Troll Farm as psyops investment.

Scale of the Universe with interactive zoom.

More Serious Breach than we were led to believe.

Polar Dinos seek relief from climate cycles.

Traveling Python published notebook for classic problem.

Digital News annual report from oxford institute.

Science of Concurrency early years, Lamport's lecture.


Abandoned Orbiters photographed in place.

Web Components add new elements to html.

Boolean Satisfiability in depth by Don Knuth.

Citing the Best Science in wiki when available.

Keys Under Doormats should not be required by law.

Ideas to Impact process summary by Kent Beck.

What is Code and commercial development.

About Mosaic open pub from Wellcome Trust.

Deep Space Antenna make of coat-hangers.

Lambda Visualized as chemical synthesis.

Physical Web as imagined by google.


Mhairi Black one to watch.

Wilson's Life Scientific where sociobiology evolves.

Local Storage Pecking Order among subdomains.

JEOL JXA-8600 Microprobe if you want it.

Cyber Fighter Command inspired by pre-MAD logic.

Roy Fielding on REST and architecture too.

Spies Unplugged with electronic countermeasures.

Glass Half Empty or why educational testing sucks.

Konrad Zuse's Z1 explained.

Quake Patterns for survival.

Web as Platform built on social media.

Perfect University online and for profit.

Electric Glue works under water.


Just a Machine not a new way of life.

The XKCD Survey about open data and correlations.

Zee Aero heavy website for a light aircraft.

Kam Wah Chung american survivors.

Surfing the Internet at its awakening.

Who's Snipping the Fiber-Optic cables of the internet.

Vague Dread of all things we once called smart.

Exquisite Sensitivity of scientific measurements.


Apollo on Flickr before the films are lost.

Low Fat, Big Problem and how it came to be.

Life Begat Continents driven by photosynthesis.

Peter Taylor on Snowden direct and relevant.

Types of Types in mathematics and programming.

A Year in the Garden of thinking and linking.

Fluently Exploring Morphospace in the precambrian.


How Systems Fail and how people create safety.

Jetpacks over New York after 40 years of development.

Chaos Engineering explained by Casey Rosenthal.

Content Overflow bound by community norms.

Federated WordPress tests the mobility of the idea

Plural Identity we chose from in persistent conflict.

Little Moreton Hall photographed by Karl Matthias.

Edit Music with visualization from wikipedia.

Lidar River history in small elevation variation.


Minecraft Rangers on the African savannah.

Let's Worry about the Train and how tech helps.

New Front Matter to Science is now Wikipedia.

Moral Agent's Club where Dennett explores free will.

Mendeley Suggest research referral as a service.

Slope Sensitive Pixels like color cameras but different.

12th Principle missing from the agile manifesto.

Cyberoffence 101 at CMU and elsewhere.

RESTful Actually vs what everyone thinks.

White Teen Favorites of the social networks.

Self-paced in Class for technical skills.

Unified by Diversity in math and language.

Beauty in Equality of measures of the universe.