Quirky Business

Quirky says, we believe the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world... they're locked inside people's heads. We exist to solve that problem. about

Fast Company says, Quirky is a peer driven marketplace that, among other things, marries GE’s patent portfolio with crowdsourced problem solvers. post

TechCrunch says, At their headquarters in Chelsea, crowdsourced invention engine Quirky and its manufacturing juggernaut of a partner General Electric threw back the curtains on their play for the connected home. post


The rise of industrialized invention in the era of Edison and Sarnoff separated inventors from their patents making strange business of this intellectual property.

By the 80's patents had decayed to a cost of doing business to be traded with other holders when you accidentally infringed upon their property.

By the 90's IBM had turned their patent war chest into a licensing profit center that became the envy of legal departments everywhere.

Now in the internet world of monetize everything Quirky covers new ground by enlisting web designers and community managers to stake out new territories of attention to be defended by GE's previous investment in intellectual property. See the photos of this new army. about