Manorainjan Holzapfel is a German Wikipedian who made a nuisance of himself on the original wiki. When advised of the local customs he went to war. Here he brags of his scripting ability unaware that this vulnerability of the commons has been known since the beginning twenty years ago.

Edited for brevity.


DolphinScript is the name I'm giving to the script I'm using to play with the SharkBot because I find dolphins rather playful.

I do not call it a Bot because it is really simply a script a very simple script.

This type of WebScripting is obviously ClientSideScripting in contrast to the ServerSideScripting of the SharkBot.

* Currently I use IopusImacros

* There are three versions: A free BrowserAddon, a standard and an Enterprise Edition (2014).

I decided for iMacros for FireFox BrowserAddon (extension) because I was fascinated by the absolutely easy entry to WebScripting with it. Everyone can create their first script with literally very few clicks.

* have the page You want to "work" with loaded in the browser, say:

* Click on the iMacros extension in the browser

* Click "Rec" tab in the iMacros panel to the left

* Click "Record"

* Click on "EditText" on the page

* Click in the edit box. (focus)

* Paste Your content by Ctrl-V

* Click in the code box

* enter the code

* Click [Save]

* Click "Stop" in the iMacros panel to the left

Done! 11 Clicks. No more. What is left is to rename the automatically created script file into something more meaningful before You create the next one, otherwise it gets overwritten.

The resulting script will repeat all "productive" steps plus loading the selected page in the first place.

* Can it be more simple than that? Any free software that can beat this simplicity? --TheHardBanned

What it does:

* It is a completely linear script that (re)creates 15 pages without any testing.

* The script is significantly slowed down by WAIT commands in order to kind of synchronize with the rather slow SharkBot for the creation of certain patterns on the RecentChanges output and for not hitting the limit of the wiki server regarding page loads per IP per minute. Therefore it takes about 3.5 minutes.

* The script runs in a loop limited to 200 runs. Therefore it stops after about page loads or about 12.5 hours.

* The resulting RecentChanges output page is about 2-3 MegaByte now, compared to 10-50 KiloByte before.


* 24.12.14 The DolphinScript got a new home, an old LaptopComputer that consumes between 16 to 24 Watt and is very silent. That makes it fit for over night operation.

* The script got a variation in timing.

* This combination was undergoing an endurance test that I stopped around run 100, because it was up and running more than 36 hours without fail, maybe a bit slow towards the end. So, basically it is fit for continuous operation.