Mhairi Black

Can youth, idealism and a politicized constituency impact parlement? Not likely. But it can impact news. Black is one to watch. google

“The thing that got me fired up [during the referendum campaign] was standing listening to people pouring their heart out to you, telling you how much they were genuinely struggling. You’re used to hearing statistics about poverty, but then you realise these aren’t numbers, these are people’s lives, filled with anxiety and struggle.” guardian

“So you’re not allowed to clap like an ordinary person, but you’re allowed to bray like a donkey? I mean, see PMQs, especially the Conservative side, they’ve got this weird noise they do. It actually sounds like a drunken mob.”

A new row over political trolling has erupted as it emerged one of Scotland's most prominent female academics described the new SNP MP Mhairi Black as a "slut". herald