Bogus Journals

The Bogus Academic Journal Racket Is Officially Out of Control, By Rebecca Schuman. slate

It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that an entire cottage industry of malfeasance and predation has erected itself in “service” of these desperate souls. Peer-review fraud syndicates. Journals that nobody proofreads. Academic book mills. Pay-to-play conferences, where everyone is “accepted,” and whose “proceedings” are then stapled together into a glorified pamphlet (voila: a “publication”).

But let us not forget to blame the “publish or perish” frenzy itself as well. These days, it’s more like publish and perish; most faculty languish as underpaid non-tenure-trackers, despite publication so frenzied that even Peter Higgs insists he wouldn’t get tenure today.


How are we to know who deserves the academic freedom of tenure? Even those of great work, how do we know it is not their last? We have such faith in the constancy of humans.