Peter Taylor on Snowden

An Interview with Edward Snowden by 30 year veteran reporter Peter Taylor. The Documentary. bbc 23 minutes.

It took the BBC’s Peter Taylor three months to secure an interview with Edward Snowden, the US national security whistle blower. He was eventually told to send an SMS with the number of his Moscow hotel room and wait for a knock on the door. The knock, to his relief, came on time.

Snowden was offered asylum in Russia two years ago. He says he’s been in negotiation with the American authorities and is prepared to go to jail, but expresses no regret for revealing to journalists details of extensive internet and phone surveillance by American intelligence and their British counterparts.

He denies that he’s a traitor and asks who has caused more damage – himself or those conducting what says were unlawful programs. The US Justice Department has filed criminal charges against Snowden, accusing him of espionage and theft of government property.


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