Submedia News

Michaƫl Opgenhaffen finds online news media lack intensive use of convergent multimedia, interactivity and hypertext so far. report

Online news producers are not yet inclined to take full advantage of online platforms and that the use of online features varies among the online submedia, some being innovative and others rather traditional.

Based on his exploratory content analysis of the nature of online news media during the 2006 elections in Belgium, multiple online platforms or submedia are used to present the news, even within media like digital newspapers or portal sites. Digital newspapers make use of a news page, news forum, news blog, and RSS feeds to present and distribute the news. Not only these submedia stand on their own (i.e., can be separately consumed), they also differ in terms of key features.


Jonathan T. Morgan, Community Research Lead Wikimedia Foundation, inquires about the publication, "What Creates Interactivity in Online News Discussions? An Exploratory Analysis of Discussion Factors in User Comments on News Items" wiley

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