Just a Machine

Steve Jobs: More P.T. Barnum than Thomas Edison? Review of Alex Gibney’s new documentary “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” by Jessica Zack. post

Q: After all you’ve learned about Jobs, do you love your Apple products any less?

A: I do think of them differently. I’m still an Apple person, but let’s just say the magic aura is gone. In a way that was a sad thing to lose, but I feel better for it. It’s just a machine now, not linked with any greater mission or mystique. That was part of the journey I went through, and it’s part of what the film is all about.

YOUTUBE jhWKxtsYrJE Published on Jul 24, 2015


But, oh, a folding block of aluminum with a rubber gasket sealing it when closed, that is still special.

And Edison was a huckster too.