Cyberoffence 101

Shenoi, Brumley and Hotz are players in a controversial area of technology: the teaching and practice of what is loosely called “cyberoffense.” post

Shenoi began teaching courses on offensive computer techniques in 1999, he said, and by 2008, Tulsa was offering an entire program. Now, he said, there are four courses in reverse engineering, two in cyber operations, two in offensive SCADA , and one on malware analysis and creation. page

To develop their skills, Brumley encourages his students to compete in hacking contests. In August, a recreational team he advises called PPP, made up of about 20 current and former Carnegie Mellon students, won the ultimate U.S. showcase of hacking skills at the DefCon hacking conference in Las Vegas. page

Hotz gained fame in 2007 for jailbreaking the previously impenetrable iPhone. Hotz has won some contests solo as in July when he beat nine teams to win $30,000 at the SecuInside competition in Seoul. He earned $200,000 in April for finding bugs in Google’s Chromebook computer and the Firefox browser. wikipedia