Future of Nature

After nearly 400 years in the slow-moving world of print, the scientific publishing industry is suddenly being thrust into a fast-paced online world of cloud computing, crowd sourcing and ubiquitous sharing. nature

Long-established practices are being challenged by new ones – most notably, the open-access, author-pays publishing model. In this special issue, Nature takes a close look at the forces now at work in scientific publishing, and how they may play out over the coming decades.


Ten sections, editorial, news, comments, books and careers, collected from the May 28, 2015 issue of Nature.


Many scientists are too busy or lack the knowledge to tackle data-management on their own. In a survey of 1,300 scientists completed in 2010, more than 80% said that they would use other researchers' data sets if they were easy to reach, but only 36% said that others could access their data easily. nature