3d City

Start with the excellent port of Micropolis by @graememcc. I remove all third party library and optimize, compact the code. The goal is create full 3d city builder. All game simulation in a worker, with massive use of Three.js and Sea3d. github game

A port of Micropolis to JS/HTML5. Licensed under the GPLv3, with some additional terms - please be mindful of these. github game

This is the source code for Micropolis (based on SimCity), released under the GPL. Micropolis is based on the original SimCity from Electronic Arts / Maxis, and designed and written by Will Wright. google

SimCity, later renamed SimCity Classic, is a simulation video game, first released on 1989, and designed by Will Wright for the Macintosh computer. wikipedia

VIMEO 22963088 IFOG 2011: Will Wright Will Wright speaks at the Inventing the Future of Games symposium, April 15, 2011 in Milpitas, Calif.