Interstellar Workshop

The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop (TVIW) has convened annually since 2011. This gathering of writers and researchers recalls history and imagines futures of our reach into space. Organizationally inspired by Hackers and Asilomar. website

A-for-Aero/Astro: Systems Engineering, Software, and Occupancy Considerations for Safety, Reliability, Resilience and Failure Obviation for Interstellar Space Missions.

B-for-Bio: Evolution's Pace in Very Small Ecosystems like the Worldship.

C-for-Commo: Language as Reality: A Near-Term Roadmap for Exploiting Opportunities and Natural Experiments Here on Terra Firma to Inform *C*ETI.

D-for-Design: Near-term and far-term concepts for traveling at interstellar ranges.