Unified by Diversity

Math Quartet Joins Forces on Unified Theory. A new breakthrough that bridges number theory and geometry is just the latest triumph for a close-knit group of mathematicians. post

That a number of elite mathematicians would come out of the same class at a top university is unusual, but not unprecedented.

What’s unusual about the group formed by Zhang, Yuan and their two friends is the degree to which they continue to collaborate and the extraordinary amount of successes that they’ve had.

One obstacle to draw connections between number theory and geometry is that it’s difficult for a single mathematician to know both fields deeply enough to see all the connections between the two. Yet mathematicians from different fields may have trouble communicating with one another.

The best collaborations involve mathematicians who have deep knowledge of different fields, but who also know just enough in common to talk to each other.


My vision for wiki is that diverse perspectives can find sufficient common language to advance our collective understanding of the simple problems that still confound.