About Mosaic

Mosaic is a Wellcome Trust online publication dedicated to exploring the science of life. site

Each week, we publish a feature on an aspect of biology or medicine that affects our lives, our health or our society; we tell stories with real depth about the ideas, trends and people that drive contemporary life sciences.

All Mosaic’s articles can be reproduced or distributed free of charge – in fact, we encourage you to share or republish our content. All that we ask is that you attribute the work to Mosaic and link back to our website. In turn, we will seek out and republish the most interesting comments and conversations that our features provoke.

Mosaic is published by the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health. It covers subjects that fit with the Trust’s mission and vision, but isn’t limited to the research the Trust funds. Mosaic’s contributors bring their own unique perspectives to their stories, which means that the views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Wellcome Trust.

Mosaic features have been republished online and in print in newspapers, magazines and websites worldwide