Minecraft Rangers

116 volunteer players spent a year recreating an African wildlife conservancy map and added wildlife (elephants, rhinos, etc.) and actual camera traps to the game. post

We wanted to reach out to new young audiences and get them excited about camera trapping and monitoring wildlife. Over 60% of the Instant Wild audience are over 30, so it was a space we wanted to fill—even more so as young people appreciating wildlife and understanding environmental change and sustainability is incredibly important.

YOUTUBE ItyGaqtkrkU Published on Oct 16, 2015. Stampy and Sqaishey join Wizard Keen on a Wild adventure.

The challenge was to help us develop the components for a map that highlights the terrible dangers facing wildlife from poachers, and the rangers who are battling to protect them.

We wanted the help of the Minecraft community to help us raise awareness of a wildlife crisis and create an awesome map at the same time. It's here. Download and enjoy the first We are the Rangers quest and mini-game! site

Now the conservation bit, concentrate! Wildlife around the world is facing unparalleled pressure from poachers and the illegal wildlife trade. It’s estimated that Elephants are being killed at a rate of 35,000 per year – equivalent to 96 per day.