One Small Step for Man

Huston, we have a problem. That's how astronauts talk when something big comes up and there has not been a script writer involved.

Similarly McKenzie Wark recalls the televised media event constructed upon the fall of the Berlin wall. post


It was left to Helmut Kohl: “Let us avoid the temptation to assume that a solution to the German question can be arranged in advance with a script and a calendar. History doesn’t follow a schedule.” But Helmut Kohl certainly does. It says in his script “there is no script” and the press conference was scheduled for him to say “there is no schedule.”


Tim asks, Who sets the grand narrative? Where does it comes from? Is it for and by the people? Is the narrative democratic or has it replaced it? See Post-Democracy

Aside: The Neil Armstrong quote has been discussed and analyzed at length. wikipedia