A Year in the Garden

The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral. Opening keynote for dLRN 2015. Delivered October 16th @ Stanford. Mike Caulfield. post

Mike Caulfield presenting at dLRN 2015. dlrn Image by George Station. twitter

Without going to much into what my federated wiki journal is, just imagine that instead of blogging and tweeting your experience you wiki’d it. And over time the wiki became a representation of things you knew, connected to other people’s wikis about things they knew.

The first thing I do is “de-stream” the article. The article is about Oregon, but I want to extract a reusable piece out of it in a way that it can be connected to many different things eventually. I want to make a home page for this idea or fact.

[Mike tells a step-by-step story]

Note how different this sort of meaning making is from what we generally see on today’s web. The excitement here is in building complexity, not reducing it. More importantly note how meaning changes here.


Mike goes on to explain how a stream of news misses the important thinking and linking parts which yields what he has dubbed the garden. Mike says this talk's twitter response was the best of any. Of course that will be gone soon, which is his point.

Mike's best presentation a year ago focused on the mechanics of federation which is a starting point but not the big picture. post