Jetpacks over New York

Science Fiction became science fact in New York today when for the first time in history, an aviator flew by jetpack in a controlled and sustained flight around Statue of Liberty. post

YOUTUBE gCYSWyHDpfU Published on Nov 3, 2015. The world's only real JetPack flown in New York around the Statue of Liberty.

Our team includes Nelson Tyler who is arguably the most experienced engineer in the personal VTOL industry and who has a long list of related inventions to his name. The whole team is dedicated to bringing a real JetPack to market and to us this means a JetPack that is powered by jet engines, can easily be carried on the pilot’s back, is VTOL capable and that can fly for an extended period – anything else cannot be considered a true JetPack.

Most of our testing has been carried out in Van Nuys, CA – including the early static engine tests and initial on-tether flight tests. We subsequently moved to a rural location as the confined environment in Van Nuys was leading to recirculation of exhaust gases and the associated problems with engine exhaust gas temperatures not to mention extremely high ambient temperatures for our team to deal with! We also used a variety of tether systems including one that operated both laterally and longitudinally. The main tether cable runs at between 25-28ft above the ground and then can be move laterally 10ft either side of centre and a pulley rolls the full length of approximately 100ft. The Jetpack and test pilot is suspended under the tether via a cable running through an inertia descender reel. The cable length is adjusted so even if the descender reel doesn’t lock, the pilot cannot strike their knees on the ground.


The jetpack joins the wingsuit and wavegarden as short-lived and energy intensive thrills. The electric mountain bike would seem to offer more for less in every category.