Calm Technology

Brown and Weiser felt that the promise of computing systems was that they might "simplify complexities, not introduce new ones". Weiser believed that this would lead to an era of "calm technology," in which technology, rather than panicking us, would help us focus on the things that were really important to us. website


In correspondence with Amber Case I offered this observation about wiki:

Wiki has always had the weakness of providing too much attention to those who don't deserve it. Federated wiki changes this formula. People's first reaction is that they feel cheated that they cannot demand my attention with some kind of notification to me that they are there. I say, if you make my pages better than me, I'll hear about it eventually. I don't need to be the first to know.

We're doing classes in federated wiki now and have devised new mechanisms where the cohort in the class do get more notice of what each other is doing. But lots of the class is about leaving that behind eventually. Its called graduation.