Mendeley Suggest

On our new “Suggest” page you’ll be getting improved article suggestions, driven by four different recommendation algorithms to support different scientific needs: popular, trending, and, relevant to all or recent documents in your library. post

Suggestions you receive will be frequently recalculated and tailored to you based on the contents of your library, making sure that there is always something new for you to discover.

This means that even if you don’t add new documents to your library, you will still get new recommendations based on the activity of other Mendeley users with libraries similar to yours.

Jason Priem

1/ Mendeley's new features are a huge deal for #altmetrics, and for the future of science communication. Here's why:

2/ By integrating with Elsevier, ScienceDirect, and NewsFlow, the've got citations, views, bookmarking, and MSM attn all in one dashboard

3/ That's awesome: the closest anyone's yet come to a single dashboard that reports All The Impacts, at individual researcher level.

4/ Ultimately that's a tool for new, researcher-centric science system: The researcher can build OWN brand, bypassing need for jrnl branding

5/ Of course the cool new profile UI is part of this, and is bid to wrest market share from Academia edu, ResearchGate, @impactstory et al.

6/ Of course the tragedy is that it's possible only for Elsevier--because only they have access to all that data.

7/ We in #openscience and #altmetrics MUST find a way to build and maintain our own datasets like these, and then make them OPEN.

8/ Otherwise we are going to find that the future of scholarly identity has arrived, and Elsevier owns it. All of it.