Quake Patterns

Takashi Iba and colleagues describe Designing a Pattern Language for Surviving Earthquakes. pdf

Use your stockpiled food and supplies on a daily basis. Then, replenish the same amount you used.

This proposal comes from the problem that the tragedies of earthquakes are repeated, because knowledge and wisdom on how to prepare for an earthquake and what to do during an earthquake have not been passed down sufficiently.

The Survival Language seeks to support immediate decisions when an earthquake strikes, and to recall earthquake safety measures even in ordinary moments of daily life. Therefore the format of the patterns in the Survival Language must be written in a manner which is clear and easy to recall.

When an earthquake strikes, victims need to collaborate in helping each other. In this situation, the Survival Language is useful as a tool for collaboration.


The authors presented this work at the PLoP 2013 conference where they explained their methods to other pattern authors in a writer's workshop setting. site

Michael Mehaffy and I attended the same workshop and reviewed our paper recounting the inspiration of and analogies between wiki and pattern language. We are both strongly interested in methods that collect and condense practical knowledge. pdf


In addition, each phase is open to the public, with a Collaborative Innovation Network. Members of The COIN are mainly the other members of the Takashi Iba Laboratory. These members contribute to the creation of the Survival Language through participating in discussions in each phase.