Splitting the Photon

A single photon interacts with chilled atoms trapped in an 'alligator' waveguide. Becomes split evenly between the atoms.

CalTech professor H. Jeff Kimble splits photon into twenty pieces; earns attention of PhD comics. video

Kimble admits to be in a privileged position where he can explore interactions in nature that have never been observed before. He sums up science with simple advice, "If you know what you are doing, don't do it."

The primary goal of our research is to study the quantum mechanics of open systems. "Real-world" quantum mechanics takes into account the dissipation and decoherence that arise from interactions of a quantum system with its environment. In studying the role of these processes, we learn about how we might make, study, and preserve quantum superpositions and other exotic states. site

See Pilot Waves for video of macroscopic quantum analogs which suggest the spooky wave/particle behavior might just be from physical properties not yet visible in a particular apparatus.