Hacker Pod Report

These Pods are exploring new and better ways to run federated wiki sites. Our interests include new plugins, new server configurations and new workflows that take advantage of these resources.

DAILY MIDNIGHT ward@c2.com caulfield.mike@gmail.com WEEKLY FRIDAY NOON ward@c2.com caulfield.mike@gmail.com

The default for the Digital Ocean computers seems to be Eastern time so 9pm is midnight. This throws off the client-side deadline estimates. We should save the GMT offset when saved and evaluate markup in this context on client and server.

Mike refines his position advocating Via Attribution by making clear his intent to reward curation.

How to End Tipping in restaurants, journalism and academia because it doesn't reward the deserving and interferes with that which might.

Can we bring structure to wiki's development while remaining open-ended in a real way, avoiding creeping managerialism, and preserving the possibility of revolutionary technology. Contrast with David Graeber via Mike in The End of Open-Endedness

Technology will collapse without relentless investment in maintenance. Under John Kennedy's direction this country invested 9% of GNP in a race to the moon but has struggled with tightening budgets ever since. The runner-up has fared less well. See Abandoned Orbiters

Our position statement Round Trip Import now cites Dave's casually and concisely expressed manifesto.

We foist the Plaid Flag Background upon all asia.wiki.org sites by patching system files that will eventually be erased. How do we like the way it looks?

We've started updating the Report plugin to work with the node server's conventions. github

Wiki's cooperation by proliferation model will be touched by SSL/TLS in one direction and ICANN privacy policies in another. Exceptional access could be a third. See Keys Under Doormats

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