Plaid Flag Background

A small change in css creates a dramatic increase in origin awareness by tiling the web page background with the site's flag. We perform the experiment.

# Experiment

We found the production css for our Singapore server buried deep within system files.


We found the line that renders the familiar near gray today.

background: #eeeeee url("/images/crosses.png");

We changed that to reference and enlarge the flag file.

background: url("favicon.png"); background-size: 200px 200px;

With such a bold background we though ghost pages would be much more readable if we upped the opacity from the standard 0.6.

.ghost { opacity: 0.9;

# Results

Browse the sites hosted on this server. Click a link in this Roster and then click the flag on the page that comes up. That opens a tab with that site as origin.

Some sites have their own css in their welcome page. Navigate into the site and then click the site name at wiki page bottom to leave that css behind.

In the past we have observed resistance to gradient squares but found later it was due to dislike for the randomly selected choice. Choosing agreeable colors becomes even more important when shown in such large area. See About Flagmatic Plugin

A portrait favicon repeats with narcissistic regularity that is even more imposing full size. site

Nick Hallahan did the first serious styling of wiki but this was resisted as standard without opt in/out.

Mike Caulfield has prepared custom css for early participants in his hangouts using Html plugins on the welcome page.

We have discussed other ways to mark a site as one's own. This conversation continues.