Wiki in the New Year

We reflect on how ongoing development might be altered considering our collective experience these last two weeks.

If it is going to be different it has to be reliably different. Folks will experiment. Only with consistent behavior with this lead to discovery over frustration.

When things change fast, the situation indicators must be faster. We collect lots of metadata. We must organize and refresh its display usefully and automatically.

We expect folks to organize. Their maintenance and evolution of same must be logical, discoverable and convenient.

# To Do Lists

Here I have been reflecting specifically on how wiki could work better for happenings. I keep a number of other todo lists including one that has been running for years and another that has specific learnings from using this particular site.

We're liking this provider. Also learned we have colleagues who now work there. We're here to learn about editing with long delays.

These are ideas that we've thought about over and over but not done yet. Soon. See also Finished Work. Colleagues are welcome to Submit Changes.