More Hovers

We know lots about every item and action of every page and with lots of hints of more from sitemaps. Let's put more of that information in the hovers we have and add more hovers too if they help.

In Change Overview we suggest explaining more about twins. We don't yet fetch twins without a click but maybe we should do more prefetching and use the information that makes available.

The hover for any flag should tell us the site name at least. It should also show the page age from the sitemap if applicable.

# Scrolling

Item and Actions highlight each other based on toggling a css class based on id's. This gets out of sync. Better to clear the class on everything when we know there is no hover.

We'd like to do more here but the little bit of automatic scrolling has turned out to be too automatic, obnoxious even at times.

I suggest we restrict highlighting to shift-hover. Shift means I know more about what I'm doing and I want the computer to do more too.

With shift-hover we can be more aggressive about scrolling. We should align pages sharing the item-hover. We should recall and expose the exact version on action-hover.

Unshift becomes significant when we start interpreting shift-hovers. We can detect it.

$(document).keyup (e) -> if e.keyCode = 16 $('.action').removeClass 'target'

There may be more we can do but most of the logic has been written to do this much. The work here is usability testing.