Write Like a Poet

Federated wiki is a bit like a twitter stream where authors have more control over their sequence of tweets. Use this control like a poet.

Don't be afraid to write tweet sized paragraphs. They can flow like a large paragraph if you find some way to make the connections clear.

I'm favoring repetition in the first few words. I use this like others might use a bullet list. I just wrote a page were every paragraph was a single sentence.

I'm talking about the little journals within the big journal that we are writing together. Journal, journal, repetition already.

I say, when people write, when programs write. The analogy defends programmer's use of the term 'journal'.

I say, collaborators will find, developers will find. By implication I'm calling programmers historians.

Its a good thing too.

Aside: I don't claim to be a good poet, or a good writer for that matter. But this is a new medium and deserves some poetic exploration. It also deserves to be reliable. I started writing about Reported Errors. I then experienced an unreported error where one of my rhyming paragraphs silently went missing. I'm on the case. That's why I'm writing on a server 18 hours away by direct flight. map