Worksheet Template Considered

We are challenged to learn a subject, a technology and a pedagogy all at once. Perhaps a worksheet will help.

Mike described how we will do assignments in four phases, three self-paced and one coordinated.

This is the methodology we'll be using for this Happening.

A worksheet will guide students to satisfactory completion of the self-paced phases. We begin with a template aligned with the methodology.

I created this template by copying the most commanding paragraphs from each drill-down from the assignments page. Some editing here would be appropriate.

I wrote even more specific instructions as prompts to the factories. I used shift-double-click to open the prompt editor.

I discovered that templates had to be in the sitemap of the origin site.

I added a factory for the owner's name. Editing this will fork the worksheet and make it clear to others that it is not theirs.

I found that even when forked, the template was not yet in the origin's sitemap. This required a web page refresh. Edits should update the sitemap.

I may still try filling out a worksheet or two with content I created for the History of Hypertext happening. That's not quite the same as following the worksheet. That would be the next thing to try.