Wiki on Slow or Flaky Network

We wish to support all writers, even those with a slow or flaky network connection. Although we continue to improve our software, at some point the solution is to write on a wiki close to the keyboard and then fork pages into the desired neighborhood.

This is the strategy we use with email. We write it. Then we send it. We need an email program to do this.

The program we need for local composition of wiki pages is wiki. This can run on one's laptop or on a small computer on the user's LAN like a Raspberry Pi.

I'll call the local wiki the private one and the neighborhood wiki the public one. Lets think in terms of sending and receiving mail from a public list.


Keep a copy of December Journal in private. Start there and write a new page or two.

Return to your public wiki when the net is working well. Fork your journal and pages you want to share now. Once you get this going your neighborhood will grow to include your private wiki.


Keep a copy of Happening Folks on your private wiki. Start there to see what is new. Edit anything you like. Your edits will be private until you send them back by forking.