Where is Ward?

My bio page is missing. Not my new bio page but my oldest bio page. What's broken now? That's my first thought. An easy enough question for me the troubleshooter. But, how are we going to live in a world where things so easily break? That's a question of design.

Wiki has requested a page from the servers expected to hold it and gotten a 404 in every case. It knows of other servers but won't go there without user intervention.

404, Page not found.

If a link breaks, just try one of a billion more Mark Andreessen famously said.

Should we struggle to build systems where pages can't go missing? No, that doesn't scale. That's not how big things work.

The most fundamental design decision within this wiki is to encourage proliferation as a hedge against the unreliable internet. The most prolific pages will survive.

My missing bio page is suppose to be on this very laptop. There is not even an internet between me and it. Something close is broken but I would rather be writing now than trouble shooting so I hop over to Singapore and see what's working there.