Web Page Import

MacGourmet makes it super easy to import recipes from certain, supported web sites including allrecipes.com, epicurious.com, foodnetwork.com, williams-sonoma.com and food.yahoo.com. pdf

1. Go to the recipe page on your favorite, supported web site. Note that you have to go to one of their standard recipe pages for the importers to work. Recipes on featured pages, special pages, etc. are not usually supported by the importer.

2. Select the entire URL in the address bar of your web browser.

3. Choose Safari > Services > Import Recipe From Web Page, or press ⇧⌘O

4. After a moment, a Recipe Import Assistant window (described above) appears with all of the recipe information already filled in. Verify the information is correct, make any desired changes, and press the Save button.

Note: Occasionally, because of the many variations of information, the information is not retrieved in its entirety. When this happens, you can still make a web clipping and import the recipe that way.


Oooh. It even got the picture, Karen said as she stumbled across the search-importer.

We have envisioned crowdsourcing import support through templates. BBC World Service was our example.

The Recipe program does this one better by offering search functionality that only searches importable sites.