View Between Rooms

The view from my family room sofa looks past the stairway with light from the landing, through the front hall with a narrow window by the door and into a sliver of the front room with a bay window facing the street.

The view from the sofa through the house and towards the street. Photo taken on Christmas day.

Years ago we engaged a decorator to help us choose colors for our rooms. (She had been an artist but found the canvas too small for how she liked to paint.) She pointed out the view and suggested that getting the color right would make it a centerpiece of the house.

From the chair where I program I look up to the sofa and over it to more windows, a small deck, and a woods. It is the woods of my dreams. See poetic space

Portland's urban growth boundary has lead developers to fill in houses on little bits of property that had been passed over as suburbs began to sprawl. I live in one of those houses, built on spec, squeezing square footage onto tiny lots. Density is good, no?

The same view from my sofa showed up in my 2009 Ignite talk, Becoming Bike Oriented.