The Burn

I placed a cache in the Tillamook State Forest when the GPS based hobby of Geocaching was still young. Today's cache hunters have been challenged to visit a cache dating back to every month of the sport's history. This makes my cache world famous. (GC142) page

I chose a site that would be a bit of a challenge to find but would mostly turn into a satisfying adventure into an area that would not be featured on normal tourist maps. Now throughout the summer I am forwarded site visit reports from world travelers who found my cache one more reason to visit Oregon. geocaching



It is a miracle we found this oldie today! We had the easiest of times grabbing Hembre Ridge and expected the same for this one but boy were we wrong. We lost cell service as we exited the highway and it didnt come back until we returned! all we had were two blank screens with a geocache icon and a moving blue dot, and I dont even own a GPSr so that wasnt an option either. We dove in and just started driving in the direction we thought it was. We inexplicably took the exact right path all the way to GZ without a hitch... or a map. The grab itself was GORGEOUS and took us farther from the path than we expected. The rain falling on the surrounding dense vegetation made an eerie, beautiful sound as well! All was well until... we sort of got lost on the way back to the highway. We ended up driving really far south, and again, we didnt have maps so I started to freak out a bit. I noticed we were driving by a lot of landmarks I didnt recognize so I decided to turn around and take another go at it. Again, the glowing blue dot on our phones was indispensable as we used it to orient ourselves northward for the journey back to the highway. All told, this was my favorite cache in a long time, so thanks for the adventure!

Woah! Great find. Make sure your shoes are on.

This was the second of two Jasmer-fillers the jewilk1/OmNom! family and I got on Saturday! After a week of sun and temps in the 90s, it was a significantly cooler day with drizzle on and off. Of the two caches, this was a significantly easier approach in the geomobile, but it was a bit more challenging as far as the terrain and making the find. Our coordinates at GZ put us into a triangle between the posted coordinates and corrected coordinates offered by a previous finder. It was easier to get out than it was to get in, and soon we were on our way back home.

Found this one because i needed it for my jasmer. So many places to look. So many places the cache could be. After a while we found it.

We've been wanting to get this one for our Jasmer and decided to go for it today. It was pretty wet but that didn't stop us from having a great time. We made our way to the cache and spent a while searching for the container. We were quite happy to hear J shout the magic "found it!" words. Thanks for keeping this cache going!

This day our trip took us from Portland to Newport. It was a very varied with old caches in mountain ranges and a beautiful landscape at the Pacifik at the finish.

Today's cache menu consisted of two decent D5/T5-challenges, two more of 'the old, the brave and the famous' (GC142, GCA5), garnished with a decent Virtual and as well some nice jewels along the road.

Needed to get this and Hembre Ridge today. Snagged both!!

Got here easily. Hills were alive with the sound of single-shot and semi-automatic fire from several directions. Bit spooky. Took longer than it should have to spot this one. I walked by it at least twice before noticing anything out of the ordinary. Thanks to all who have been maintaining this one over the years. We had to look closely at several nearby trees to realize why the name for this one.

A jasmer cache for vilcanota was not going to be missed off today's itinerary. We found ourselves on the forest tracks once more and soon arrived at GZ for a quick easy find. Thanks to ward for setting this cache.

Today we leave Seattle to go to Portland. Some caches on our road, and after two old caches, and a lot of large caches. A beautiful day with the sun and great landscapes.

Beautiful place. Today was full of motorsports. Good oldie. Thanks to the cache owner for the work to maintain and place the cache. Vi tackar cacheägaren för arbetet som gjorts för att lägga ut och underhålla gömman.

Filling in a Jasmer spot. Navigating the logging road maze with unknown closures was as tricky as finding the cache.

Greetings from Germany. Another longer drive to this very old cache. But we get there, marvel at the tree and find and logging this cache. Thx for keeping this old one still alive.

Greetings from Switzerland. We had to look how to drive to the cache because the lumber jacks were at work. But we found a open road and with a short walk we could manage to got to cache without disturbing their work.

Was not an easy find. Nice big one.

Out Quad riding with Dusty Red had to go find this one great find.

This was a really cool cache! The location was cool, saw a deer just 60 feet from the cache. Also the CO is quite known in my field of work (being a computer scientist). I did recognize the name when looking for old caches for our jasmer challenge but it took a while before I connected the name with the face and who he is. Thanks for all the caches and greetings from Sweden!

Our Garmin took us on a round about way, but it got us here. Quick find and another Jasmer puka filled! Mahalo for the cache baradam!

About 1.5 miles before GZ the road was closed for logging. We drove some metres back and took the “University Falls Road” in southwest direction and headed on to the east to reach the “Saddle Mountain Road” again. We stopped about 1000 ft before GZ and took the path “Wilson River Wagon Rd. Trail”. After a short walk we found the cache at the coordinates noted in the log from 07/07/2014. Wow, what a great feeling. Year 2001 is completed. I need only five month from 2000 to complete the Jasmer Challenge. Thanks to all who maintain these old caches because it's really like a bit of history. This old caches are really authentic and shows us what geocaching should be.

This cache was one of the caches on the 15 state tour that we really wanted to find, because of the published month. After some searching we found it in an obvious place. Thanks a lot for this old one. Greetings from Norway.

This oldie has been on my list for awhile and I was excited to have enough free time during this trip to Portland to go for it! We did not see the reports that the area was closed for logging until after we saw the signs on the road. We were only about 1.5 miles from GZ at that point, late on a rainy Saturday. We made the decision to continue on and kept our eyes peeled for logging equipment. There were tons of trees in piles beside the road waiting to be picked up, but we did not see any people or logging trucks. The cache is in great shape and we were thrilled to sign the log. Thanks for placing this cache so long ago and for keeping it active all these years.

Like an earlier cacher, we took a chance and drove in in spite of the signs about active logging. We were hoping that with the extremely dry conditions, perhaps logging operations were suspended. We were lucky in that we didn't see any activity at all, UNTIL we were on our way out, and ended up following a loaded log truck. So there is still activity, and I all I can say is it is risky to drive in there...not sure what would have happened had we met a log truck going in the opposite direction! Sundays might be a safer time to venture in there until the logging is done.

From Houston, I flew in and started in Portland. Before the end, we hit some of the oldest caches still around and of course the Seattle area and back to Oregon. Added over 20 counties to my map, several months checked off of my Jasmer, and got my first comma!

We are here to find old caches, nice ones and for the events in Seattle ! In the mean time, we are celebrating our third anniversary as a couple!!! 💘 🎉 👫 Thanks for all nice caches !

Nice old cache on the way on a trip to Portland. We rent a jeep and rock on. Manolie and I did nice cool caches, a lot of favorites points and some oldest caches. We had a good time and we aim to Seattle for block party and the ape project. Of course while we are there we visit HQ groundspeak. The coolest part was to meet and past good time with new geocacher friends. What a nice trip, only one day of rain.

It was a lovely drive to GZ thru the forrest however we were a little concerned that the signs for Logging and do not go any further were at various points, we had travelled nearly 5000 miles and were not going to let a few signs stop us now. We parked at the closest point to GZ, Kaz and I started the search, initially walking here and there to settle the gps and gain a bearing, then off we went down the geotlail and started our search, it was soon apparent that I would need to continue further down so with the aid of the vegetation I took it slow down the steep trail and when at the bottom I soon found the hide PHEW!, I signed the log and left some wooden nickels, took some photos and replaced the cache as found. Once back at the car we congratulated ourselves on the achievement, now just one mission remains. Thank you for keeping this old cache active, a favourite point awarded for a beautiful location and nice adventure, greetings from the UK.

Day 8 of our epic caching trip, traveling with Unimogger and MentalBill. This was the one of two oldest, want to get caches of our last day caching here on the continent. Made the 2 hour drive down to the Tillamook area and what a beautiful pine forrest to behold. I have learned that the oldest caches were placed in the most serene, beautiful areas but so oh hard to get to. No cell phone service, so be warned. Good thing MB and UM had downloaded the caches off-line and or on their GPS. So happy to make the find. Aloha from Hawaii and mahalo for the really big smiley!!!

January 2001 was one of the months I needed for completing the Jasmer Challenge, so we went for this cache too. Reached the destination after a short hike (the road was partially closed for autos). Now only a few months of 2000 remained. Thank you for this cache and greetings from Kraków, Poland.

Nothing could stop us to reach also this old cache. No matter long way, closed roads and very hot weather. We came here and stamped the logbook. Wow! Thanks! I left here some trackables I had brought from Europe. Time to rest after a long journey. Greetings from Krakow, Poland!

On US Roadtrip with three buddies from Norway, we had created an ambitious plan for visiting old and special caches in Colorado, Kansas, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. So far everything works great, a lot of miles covered, some events visited experiencing the welcoming atmosphere in U.S. and even been to some tourist places (not just caching) [;)] So thanks to all COs maintaining those caches we have visited and keep up the good work.

This cache is one of the old ones we found during our visit in Oregon. When reaching the GZ it looks hopeless to find it. A lot of trees and a lo tof high grass. But a quick view give a hint of a possible hide and, yes, there it was. Greetings from Göran_Maria, Sweden and TFTC. Also this is worth a favo.

As there was work in the forest we had to park 1000 meter from the cache and walk, it was Worth it. So nice to reach this historical place and log this cache. TFTC Greetings from Sweden, Spitz05

We're on a five week holiday from Ireland courtesy of a lot of overtime worked last year and paid as time off. Week four saw us arrive in Camas. While not a caching trip, we were not going to visit this area without trying to pick off a few caches for the Jasmir challenge. This was one of the target caches for the day. There are notices posted 600m from the cache saying there are logging operations in progress and not to enter. I'd travelled 7000km to get here so that wasn't stopping me. The search was long but mostly because (a) I was operating at too high a level initially and (b) I'm blind at times.

Today we were out in the Tillamook State Forest to get some oldies. Unfortunately we could not find this one. We missed to look at the pictures before and had no mobile-network at this spot, so we had to go further on. But the DNF doesn't bother us too much, because for this date we had a back-up.

The first cache of a new day of non-stop caching for Team ABCD. Quick find once we got all the way up, and then down, to it. Thank you for the cache and don't forget to be awesome!

We all had a blank Jan 01 in our Jasmer charts so Team ABCD had this cache as a "must do" while visiting Oregon from Vancouver BC. We made the long drive out west to start Day 3 of quality caching. It's always nice to find an oldie - thank you!

Happy 15th Anniversary, Geocaching Universe! In recognition of this special weekend, Leon0112 and I trekked down to Oregon from Washington to find a few of the original hides from 2000 and 2001. In all, it was an exhausting weekend of long hikes and climbs and finds! Well, we knew where we had to go here - no problem. On a Sunday, the place was filled with trail motorcycles so we were dodging them all the way up. The road went to within 100 feet of GZ and even though our coords were misleading us, we were not to be denied! Very little left of the evidence for a big burn here... SL TFTC!

Beautiful day to be out in the Tillamook Forrest caching. The weather was great. We arrived at the parking area and left the Geomobile and the motorcycles zoom by and then the Sheriff Deputy. We walked down the trail to start our search and the GPSr didn't want to cooperate. the misses said it's over there and sure enough there it was. Signed the log and placed back in the hiding spot. Thanks for the years of keeping this Oldie alive.

Wanted to find a special cache for the "15 Years of Geocaching" commemoration, and this one fit the bill. Had no problem getting up to the trailhead today and made the find in good order. TFTC!

After a short walk from the car we could easy find this oldie. The second day here in US and this day we had the plan to go around Portland to log some of the oldest caches so we could fill the Jasmer. This trip was planned some time ago together with Gottigris and Karmansbo, we had a very tough schedule with a lot of driving to get as much as possible done during these 11 days. This trip in the United States where between the 17th and 28th of March. Some of the places we visited during this trip was Portland, Seattle, White Rock, Boise, Salt Lake City, Rachel, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yuma, San Diego to finish in Los Angeles. Total on this trip, we drove a little over 7000 km which is about 4379 miles. There where a lot we managed to see during these intense days and there is still much left to see to make a new trip later. Thank you so much for this cache!

At the event last night, numerous people told me that I needed to go for this one while I was in the area for Hembre Ridge, so off I went. I was NOT prepared for what the drive up was going to be like; I've never driven that close to that big of a drop before. Every new turn seemed to give something new and amazing to look at, though I had to miss much of it due to focusing on the road that was getting covered in alternating rain, snow and sleet the whole way up. Once I got to the hiding spot, I needed to figure out a way down and got plenty wet trying to find a way that didn't involve sliding down the hill on my rear. Despite a few slips, I made it down and was signing in when I heard two people hiking down the trail from where I parked. I have no idea where they came from, but they weren't there for the cache, so we didn't chat long. Naturally, the rain continued until I scrambled back up the hill and closed my car door, at which point the sun came out and shone the whole way down the hill. This was definitely a cool experience and it gave me much-needed confidence for going after Hembre Ridge. Thanks for the cache!

This has been on my list to grab as its one of the last ones I need for the Jasmer. Had planned on grabbing a few more while in the area but it started raining like mad which soon turned to hail and by the time we made it to the hi way it was snowing! Only in ORE! TFTH R43

We did a little back-and-forth until we found the best way to get off the trail then headed almost straight to the cache. Both GPSr's were bouncing a bit but, we had no trouble finding and signing the log. It's nice to see an old one, still out there and in great shape when the CO is long gone.

We were tracking down some oldies today with LEC and this one fit our criteria perfectly. Thanks for the hide Ward!

Lots of logging in this area. Roads closed with signs saying area open again in spring of 2015. I parked at 45 35.800, 123 22.090 and came in from the bottom of the trail and hiked up to the cache. They were logging just across the road so I watched them fall a couple of the trees.

Since a long time hblack and me were looking for all the old geocaches around the world but to fill the matrix (and do the Jasmer Challenge) we had to go to the US. And suddenly we got the chance this summer to do so! We packed our stuff for two months, took the little one with us (fingaru) and started to drive from San Francisco with our Escape Camper Van all the way to Vancouver and back with a quick detour via ferry and plane to Alaska. And we found more than just the old stashes - a wonderful nature, the friendliness of the people and so many interesting places as this one that we wouldn't have found without Geocaching. When we got here, we were on the way to Hembre Ridge. hblack hoped to get from this cache directly there without a detour but I refused - tha maps didn't seem confident to me. We looked a while for the cache but this case I had a lucky hand and we signed it. Thanks a lot for this oldie and keeping it alive!

Glad for Google Earth to be able to find the correct turns to get to the trail head. Was suprised to see how close it was to the trail head. Glad hubby spotted the side trail and following the gps, we got right to it with a little bush(fern) wacking. Another month in the Jasmer Chart filled in! SL Thanks!

It was nice to find this oldie (Jan 2001). There's only 4 or so Jan 2001 left to find within 150 miles of Olympia WA and this was one of them. I'm glad I keyed in this cache on Hwy 26, because my Droid took me right to it even after I lost cell coverage half way here from that highway. I was surprised to find a trail to lead me to it. I left a TB. I'm glad these forest roads aren't gated like so many are up in Washington state.

One of our major goals or the day, didn't have too much trouble finding this guy. Would have been interesting to hike out the trail a ways to see where it took us, but we headed back to the highway after signing the log. Thanks!

Winding through the back roads today in caravan with PartOfTheProblem. This was one of two main caches that we were targeting today. The trip in actually went pretty well and the trip out was a breeze. Had a nice short walk in between to find this cache. The kidlets picked up a couple of trinkets and we left a puzzle and a few sets of stickers. Thanks muchly!

We were not the only ones here today! Several cachers logged ahead of us and a couple of snakes as well!

This one is another very old cache the Schwarzbären found in Oregon. After a short gravel ride we found the cache underneath the trail. We were very happy.

In this year our holidays brought us to the Pacific coast and to the northwest of the United States: California, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming Washington and Oregon. We saw a lot of amazing and inspiring places. And we found some geocaches. On the way from Portland to Oregon Coast we stopped here for this old one. Many thanks for the cache and best regards from Saxony in Germany.

Caching along highway 6 today with mspgenealogy. This was one of the caches on the list for the day, finding an oldie! The drive was nice today and there was a lot of ATV traffic along the roads. Nobody near GZ and the cache is in good shape. Thanks for keeping this one going for so long!

This was this day's second main goal to fill in a missing month. I had planned to drive on the mountain roads here from Hembre Ridge but the navigator chose another and a lot easier way. Thanks for taking care of an old cache.

This was one of the placed months we were missing. It was more easy than we thought to get here.

Together with my wife we are on vacation to the U.S. for geocaching. Our aim is to find many interesting caches, especially very old ones. We do hope to complete our Jasmer matrix. This cache filled one of the few gaps left. Therefore this was a special cache to us. We enjoyed the cache! Many thanks for the cache and I leave a star here.

This was on my Jasmer Quest list and I'm delighted to cross this one off the list!! Following tips from previous loggers helped a lot! I am grateful! SLTFTC!!!

We are three ladies from Sweden visiting your beatiful state. This was one of our main goals today. The cache was quick lokated.

Our second day of finding old hides in Oregon took us to this place. Had a little trouble finding the right way at first but we made it. The hide itself wasn't that hard to find, even though the GPS had a hard time deciding where I should search. Signed the logbook and added another "placed month" to the statistics.

Came after this one for the Jasmer and most found in Oregon challenges. On top of that it was hidden by a former coworker and university professor of mine. Nice to see this one is still active. Took one of the three trackables found in the cache. TFTC

Out on the coast today with BlueMoth and GeoDude2008 because it's to hot in the valley. So what do you follow up Hembre Ridge with? Well another classic of course. So the Moth and Dude had found this cache before, but there were gracious enough to accompany on my journey. We made it down to GZ and I couldn't make the find. Looked at some old logs and said it had migrated. HUNH? After the Moth and Dude looked around where they had found it we wandered around back and forth and finally the Moth makes the find for me. Not sure how a 14 yo cache gets to a tree that probably wasn't a tree yet. So we make the journey back over to the VERY large stump and put it back near it's original and intended hiding spot. Please, please, please make sure it stays where it's supposed to be. We don't want a classic and original cache to get archived because someone can't find it. But let me tell you it's super nice to get this cache!

We set out with this cache as our main goal of the day! We've made several trips out this direction in the last few days for some oldies. This one was an important one because it fills out that Jan 2001 Jasmer square. We probably won't ever finish the Jasmer this late in the game, but might as well fill in all the lonely squares that we can. When we finally found the right location, it was an easy trip to GZ. But, as you may or may not know from reading logs, the cache isn't at GZ, I'd estimate it's about 60' SW of the posted coords. I took an average of 25 readings at the cache location and came up with 45 35.901 & 123 21.832. We hope that will be helpful to future visitors. Thanks for keeping this cache active for so very long! It's great to pick up historic old caches like this one! Our family had a really great time!

I have already completed my Jasmer Challenge but when I found this old one I just needed to go out and get it too. The cache is not at the large stump that has a trail all around it. That is about where GZ is but the cache is about 225 degrees and 50 +/- feet away.


We've been working backwards through my saved emails for one year to July 2014. You get the idea. This cache has been cared for by the people who find it and they find it because it is unique in its own special way.