Sealed History

LBJ, Vietnam, Nixon, Watergate. I'm now old enough that the events of my childhood are now explained by unsealed records and the historical perspective.

On the 50th anniversary of overwhelming Congressional passage of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, August 7th 1964, a BBC documentary featuring archival audio of President Johnson and his advisors discussing the complicated and controversial decision to announce an "unprovoked attack" on American ships and the retaliatory strike that followed. President Johnson said "we seek no wider war," but a much wider war followed. bbc

Modern journalism is the way it is because of the work 40 years ago of two Washington Post reporters who did most to investigate the White House under President Richard Nixon. They were Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Newshour’s Owen Bennett-Jones – himself a former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton – looks at how their story, which started off covering a Washington burglary case, ended up exposing the wrongdoing of an American president. bbc

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Authoritarianism is something authoritarian followers and authoritarian leaders cook up between themselves. It happens when the followers submit too much to the leaders, trust them too much, and give them too much leeway to do whatever they want--which often is something undemocratic, tyrannical and brutal. In my day, authoritarian fascist and authoritarian communist dictatorships posed the biggest threats to democracies, and eventually lost to them in wars both hot and cold. But authoritarianism itself has not disappeared, and I'm going to present the case in this book that the greatest threat to American democracy today arises from a militant authoritarianism that has become a cancer upon the nation. pdf