Progress of a Platform

Let me brag a little bit about the incremental evolution of the federated wiki. I will kink to an old wiki I leave running and then visit it again with a link using the newest wiki version.

Now with paragraph alignment we can compare that old welcome page to medium new and very new versions.

First notice that the new software does an ok job rendering the old content save for the html tags.

Also notice the addition of version history when rendered from the new origin. It was there, but not visible.

Also notice the search box and neighborhoods that key even off of the old page.

But, especially fun, try lining up the paragraphs of both pages using the new "paragraph targeting".

To try this, hold down the shift key while hovering over a paragraph in one page and notice what is was (or has become) in the other.

This works because sfw has had paragraph ids since the beginning. Only now we have an interface that fully exploits this for discovering what has become of our pages.

If you don't see yellow highlights and auto-scrolling you aren't doing this right yet.

This has been quite a journey to get to here. I thought I should mention this as we are discussing all of the things it will do in the future.