Obligation to Fork

I write in a neighborhood full of well named pages that make good links that complete thoughts. But when I cite them, I must check them, and then fork them if they are not already my own.

I was writing an original work, Stack Overflowed, and felt the need to site Shriky. The full title didn't link; I searched "enemy"; found the abbreviation; revised my sentence to its advantage; but was not yet done.

The problem is that the cited page wasn't mine. It worked for me but might not work for you unless your neighborhood has grown as mine had.

The solution is to fork the cited page into my own wiki which is where you will be reading. This forking can't go on without limit but it must happen whenever I use a link to complete a thought.

An exception to this is when revising pages from the site in question. The Journal insures that any cites to other pages will be in the Neighborhood. A fork still makes it clear which version of a cite is being cited.