Notes of Little Consequence

These notes might become of general interest someday. For now they are here for my own convenience.

One Hundred Steps to understanding programming.

See How Math is Simple once you get the point.

List of Lists of Sites to enlarge your neighborhood.

Cafe Coding rather than working at work or at home.

List of Podcasts offer better listening than the news.

Christmas Lights and how to fix them.

Carbon Calculation that should be on pattern pages.

Tweets authored carefully.

SFW Hangout and things we talk about there.

NYT Crossword with WIKI as one word. blocks

Cycle Routes from my best days of cycling.

Edward Tufte on presenting data, information.

SimNet using processes rather than tasks.

Project Xanadu recently reimplemented.

MadBoy Electric Bikes building and selling in Seattle.

Tiny Habits innovation by bj fogg.