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We're on the verge of making local edits reliable and convenient even while going through that password reset email protocol. Edit locally until you get logged in then fork to origin your changes.

Still people just don't understand that we can save your changes in the browser. This should be explained by offering a simplified login to localStorage.

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You need not login. You can save changes privately and indefinitely on this computer in this browser.


Save would log you in to localStorage. Cancel would throw away your change, if any. Your next change would bring this up again until you login or save.

Perhaps Persona can be configured to work like this. That would be awesome because Persona still has many benefits. But this could be implemented stand-alone with no more effort than checking a scrambled password against the one stored locally.

Password reset would require the ability to send email. That isn't a given. If this were hooked into a university accounts system then the help page would go there.