I'll be sweeping through all of my sites removing html from ordinary paragraphs. I'm doing this depth first from the welcome. I mark my progress with page folds which I advance as I work.

Some things are just to hard to fix right now.

We're translating the classic Colossal Cave interactive fiction adventure game to federated wiki. github


Ward Cunningham's experience hosting federated wiki on Raspberry Pi (rpi) as a portal into the internet of things.

Ward Cunningham's lifetime portfolio of programs and reflections on what he learned writing them.

Ward Cunningham explains to the TeX User Group (TUG) why he has made a new wiki and how it is different.

Ward Cunningham's notes for running federated wiki on Amazon EC2 using CloudSmith's scripts.

Here I fork and edit my favorite and most useful original wiki pages.

Ward Cunningham's personal plans for and reflections on the Federated Wiki single page application.

Federated wiki will be good for collecting historical facts and recollections. I'm just probing how this might work.

Architects explored Westwind, a retreat property on the Oregon coast, and report their experience as patterns.