Hover Relations

Make relations explicit when writing a page that is intentionally similar to another. Shift-drag paragraphs from the old to the new before revising them. This allows shift-hover to align both in the lineup.

Consider Move Pages from admin wiki. I started writing this page after fixing the common mistake of writing new content in the wrong place. With my admin privilege I could fix this.

The steps for move page are similar to the fix for another common mistake, Delete Pages. I mimicked it while writing how to move. When I saw the similarity in sentence structure I started just shift-dragging paragraphs between them and tweaking individual words. This made shift-hover comparison useful in an unusual way. Try it.

When reading the printed page one often wonders, what was the author thinking? We ask them for references and scold those who don't provide them.

When reading the wiki many of the author's actions are visible to us. We can reasonably ask that they use the full power of the wiki lineup to leave a trail that is clear.

# Search

See Link Symmetry for other favorable aspects of this technique. Continuing our example, we can find all pages with the following paragraph from the pages in question. search

This paragraph once said simpley, "Remove the page and coax wiki to rebuild the sitemap without it." Expect to find it in the search.