Happy Binary Birthday

As we scan the visible federation we count the number of pages we see and celebrate when this count crosses powers of two.

9/16/2015, 6pm, 32784 > 32768 = 2^15 pages. txt

We say, the federation is 15, 2^15 actually. We hope to double this number periodically, perhaps every year, maybe faster. I've marked the date in my calendar for this time next year.

We accept that wiki's growth can go backwards. We count pages reported in sitemaps but only if that sitemap can be delivered from a working server at the time we scan on a given day.

Here for reference are important future birthdays.

32768 (items) 2 Double PRODUCT 16th Birthday Double PRODUCT 17th Birthday Double PRODUCT 18th Birthday Double PRODUCT 19th Birthday Double PRODUCT 20th Birthday

We use a different counting methodology for unique item counts where we don't forget that we have ever seen an id but we don't count an id more than once.

At last look, 259578 < 262144 = 2^18 items.

We last saw this number grow by a 1000 in 10 days so we use that factor to estimate this birthday around Oct 15th.

18th Birthday 259578 Today (items) 100 Growth Rate (items/days) CALC (Birthday - Today) / Rate