Broadcast Workflow

We explain how to create a broadcast channel to address a community from a position of authority. Our protocol includes acknowledgement of receipt and moderated comments.

Note: The exact twin states described here depend on date reporting adjustments posted today. github


Authority creates a page for announcements. We'll call this the Channel.

Authority recognizes community members by the sites they will edit. We'll call these Participants.

Authority creates a page with references to each Paticipant. We call this Community.

Authority cites the Community on the Channel identifying who it serves.


Authority adds announcement to the Channel. Participants will see 'newer' from Authority.

Participant forks the Channel to their site. This shows they have read the announcements. Now says 'same'

Authority taps the Community to see twins for each Participant sort into 'older' and 'same' categories.


Authority will see Participant marked 'newer' when they have responded to a broadcast.

Authority can preview responses and fork back those deemed acceptable.


The protocol is transparent and symmetric which creates some unusual opportunities.

Seditious Participant replies as if an authority.

Other Participants start forking the Seditious one.

Those who want can share a revised Community.